Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Copy-Right Troll to Have Property Siezed by US Marshals

Righthaven, a company who's entire business model is based on suing people for supposedly using copyrighted material, mostly in a non-for-profit manner (bloggers, forum posters, etc.), has lost a lawsuit so horribly bad, that it had to pay the lawyers of the Randazza Legal Group almost $35,000 in legal fees.

What makes things interesting, is that Righthaven is yet to pay up. After they had lost and had to pay up, the requested a stay, which the judge refused to grant. It also appealed the case. Now the individuals of the Randazza Legal Group will be requesting an extra $14,000 in additional costs, and another $100,000 in legal fees to combat the appeal.

Righthaven missed their first payment on September 14th, and as a result a "writ of execution" was filed against them. This pretty much entitles the US Marshals to seize all of the properties associated with Righthaven, and sell it off to pay for the fines.

Justice has been served.

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